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self checking. The Rotork IQT redundant absolute encoder is contactless, has only one moving part and self-checking ability. Unlike existing absolute encoder . manual operation. Manual movements of the valve are recorded and logged by the actuator. Position sensing in Rotork IQ actuators is highly reliable (power on or
22 Apr 2013 Redefining Flow Control. A4. US. US. A4. US. IQ full configuration, status and monitoring user manual. IQ Multi-turn. Electric Valve Actuators .. by Rotork. If the actuator was delivered complete with valve, the valvemaker may have set the closed torque limit based on testing and/or design requirements.
If your actuator is fitted with the old Rotork IQ or. IQT main board, your display will appear as fig 1.1. If so then follow the instructions in sections 5 and. 7 to set the basic configurations for your actuator. Fig. 1.1 IQ non-textual display. Fig. 2.1 IQ Pro display. The Old Rotork Setting Tool. 1. m Key*. Display next function down.
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to materials, manufacturing and testing, installation, commissioning and The IQ range. The Rotork IQ delivers a complete range of actuators suitable for all multi-turn valve applications requiring control and indication flexibility. It offers end users .. and IQT) provides reliable emergency manual operation in the event of a
Commissioning and adjustment of the Configuration. Settings to suit site-specific control and indication requirements. * Maintenance – Troubleshooting. * Sales and Service. Refer to Publication E180E2 for repair, overhaul and spare part instructions. THE ROTORK IQ RANGE – THE FIRST VALVE ACTUATOR THAT YOU.
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Rotork Controls Ltd, Bath, UK. Rotork Controls Inc, Rochester, USA. Contents. IQ – In control. 3. Actuator electrical specification. 4. Control specification. 7 . box cover carries a terminal identification code card. An Installation and Maintenance manual (E170E) and wiring diagram are enclosed with each actuator. Wiring.
to materials, manufacturing and testing, installation, commissioning and quarter-turn actuator. The IQT (IQ quarter-turn) is the result of ongoing commitment to product development at the leading edge of new technology. The Rotork IQ now delivers a complete . to provide reliable emergency manual operation in the
For over 50 years Rotork has used innovation for designing reliable, flexible and robust valve actuators and control systems. Continuing our ethos of evolving design, the next-generation. IQ multi-turn actuator is now available. Reliability standards have been set even higher, it is simpler to commission and use and is