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1 May 2011
I have heard that this is how they ship from the factory (even though the Ibanez specs call for some relief). Less relief would theoretically Having said all that, I could indeed be doing something wrong, as this is my first experience with the ZR Trem (not my first with a Floyd though). Also, I have actually
the edge zero is the absolute pinacle of tremolos if setup properly it will take you on the most instense ride that any tremolo can. it is way better than any floyd rose out there and any kahler i've used all of them and the zero resistance tremolo is the best. You sound like an ibanez rep i talked to once.. Quote
Another important innovation of the ZR tremolo is that, unlike other locking tremolos, even with a string break, the other strings can still stay in tune to an acceptable level. The ball-bearing and global tuner features of the ZR tremolos are manufactured under license to American Inventor and recording artist, Geoffrey Lee
Hello! Up for sale:Ibanez ZR Zero Resistance Cosmo Black. Standard Double Locking Tremolo System for Ibanez S series. New and uninstalled, Some older Prestige.
7 Feb 2014
The S series uses a Zero-Resistance (ZR) double locking tremolo system from 2003 till 2014. The ZR tremolo system uses ball-bearings as opposed to knife edges for pivot points and a built-in counter-tension system called the Zero Point System. The Zero Point System can be removed to change the tremolo to full-floating
The ZR Tremolo is a double locking tremolo featuring the Zero Point System that keeps the tremolo unit flat (at the zero point). This system eliminates the hassle of tuning, which is a shortcoming of a floating tremolo, providing a more comfortable playing experience. Furthermore, the supporting point is equipped with a
1 Feb 2014 I note that all the Locking-trem equipped S-model Ibanez guitars, from the lowest priced to the Prestige, now come with knife edge trems instead of the ball-bearing based ZR trems. I tried out an S-model several years back and loved the feel of the body and neck. I bought it, and picked up a few others in